7 de junho de 2007

Don't let partisan politics defeat only good candidate

"Allow me to tell you about a worthwhile man for the Presidency of the United States. He's an experienced Congressman from Texas, an important member of a major Congressional committee, and a gynecologist by trade. He has voted consistently against every single war supporting initiative, all the way back to Bill Clinton's "Iraq Liberation Act" that Bush has used to justify invading Iraq. He was a fierce opponent of the Bush Administration, even in the days after September 11th when so many other politicians kowtowed before the Almighty Executive."

"Who is this man? Is it Barak Obama, who has no experience as a statesman and wouldn't know Constitutional legislation if it slapped him? Is it Hillary Clinton, who suffers similar inabilities at obeying Federal Law and voted to invade Iraq? Perhaps it's Biden, Dodd, or one of the other no-name candidates that have filed to run as a Democrat in 2008 and have also proved themselves to be sheep in the face of a warmongering President? One way or another, such an anti-war candidate must surely be a Democrat, right?Wrong.The only person that is considering running in 2008 that has consistently been against the war and all un Constitutional Federal spending or actions is Representative Ron Paul, from Texas. Dr. Paul is, unfortunately for some, a Republican.

Jacob Lovell