6 de janeiro de 2008

Nova Contra-Reforma?

"The rally that put together more than one million Catholics last week in Madrid is more than a protest againts same-sex marriage and express divorce laws recently approved by the Spanish government. It is, in my view, the first mass reaction against the predominantly protestant values that globalization and the European Union have been imposing over the last twenty years upon the predominantly catholic countries of Southern Europe.

In a sense, this cultural reaction represents some kind of a second Counter-Reformation which, like the first, will be led by Spain, with the support of Portugal and Italy too. It will fight in defense of social norms against cultural relativism; it will uphold the values of personal freedom and independence against the massification and the politicization of society; it will defend tradition and social spontaneity against all forms of social engineering and experimentation; it will call for the restauration of authority agains unlimited democracy; it will denounce the intolerance of the day - political correctness; it will fight for a humanized system of justice against the arbitrary power of the masses; it will emphasize personal responsibility, meritocracy, decentralization of power and assistance to the poor. "

Pedro Arroja in Portugal Contemporâneo sobre a manifestação pela familia cristã, realizada em Madrid, no passado dia 30/12/2007.

Ver também Vasco Pulido Valente "Pela Liberdade Contra todos os Socialismos"

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