18 de março de 2009


Corruption, as defined by the UN and endorsed by the EU, is the "abuse of power for private gain". The EU has established instruments to tackle corruption, yet these focus on the protection of the European Community's financial interests. It is now time for the EU to address corruption broadly and in particular in EU relations with third countries.

High-level corruption by government officials robs developing countries of billions of dollars each year. This money should be spent on providing a better standard of life for those countries’ impoverished citizens. State looting in resource-rich developing countries can reportedly equal national debt, with funds often siphoned off into overseas bank accounts, frequently in Europe. Those who steal state money often come to Europe to spend it and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. This must stop. More than a mere economic crime, high-level corruption undermines the ability of certain states to provide basic services to their people, including the right to food, housing, health and education.

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